Flowers of the Sky


Digital Video (color/black and white) 9:12 minutes  (2016)

Sound collage: Janie Geiser
Sound Mix: Kari Rae Seekins

Flowers of the Sky (a medieval term for comets) draws on two panoramic photographs, found in a Los Angeles thrift shop, that depict a gathering of members of the Eastern Star, a Masonic order.  In the first photograph, taken at a banquet meal, the participants are seated at tables and facing the camera.  In the second photograph, everyone is dressed in ritual robes, looking away from the camera and toward a stage. A single figure stands there, centered on this platform, and faces them. Everyone is suspended, expectant.

Through isolating parts of the photographs and highlighting the different groupings of the Eastern Star members, Flowers of the Sky reveals and obscures the original events.  There is a sense, looking at the photographs, of watching and waiting for something to happen, something beyond the experience of daily life. And something does. Nature reasserts herself, the figures double, vibrate, and rise, trying to escape their emulsive lives, suggesting a rapture that extends beyond their printed world.

Selected Screening History

The World Premiere of Flower of the Sky will take place at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival’s WAVELENGTHS Program.

Janie GeiserFlowers of the Sky