Terrace 49


16mm film (color) 5:37 minutes, 2004

Sound:  Leon Rothenberg

Images of impending disaster— slamming doors, a truck careening down a hill, and a frayed, almost snapping, elevator rope— collide with the repeated image of a woman’s body. She cycles toward ephemerality, disappearing into the texture of the film itself.  Rephotographed from superhero TV cartoons, Terrace 49 evokes a lush, disorienting, partitioned sense of space, and of temporal suspension.  As the film progresses, the space is shattered further, broken into shards—as fractured as memory and as fragile as glass.

Selected Screening history:

New York International Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde (2002)
Museum of Modern Art (2002)
Women Make Waves Festival, Taipei (2005)
San Francisco Film Festival (2006)
Skolska 28 Gallery, Prague (2005)

Janie GeiserTerrace 49