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2015 Doris Duke Artist Award Announcement

The Huffington Post_Janie Geiser Clouded Sulphur

The Hollywood Reporter_Janie Geiser Clouded Sulphur

The Huffington Post_Tungsten (artery) at the Getty Villa

IndieWire: 6 Female Filmmakers who Redefined Cinema

Genevieve Yue Essay “Lost at Sea: Intermedial Encounters in the Films of Janie Geiser”

KCET: Janie Geiser’s Experimental Narratives

LA Record: Janie Geiser_Trying to get closer to the meaning of things

Janie Geiser’s New Peepshow

Film International_Film Scratches_Janie Geiser on the LIfe of Objects

Candlelight Stories: Gloriously Unsettling: Janie Geiser’s Ghost Algebra

Janie Geiser California Community Foundation Fellowship site

KCET:  Janie Geiser’s Fantastic Films

Now Showing: The Edge: A Festival’s Calling Card (Manohla Dargis review of the 2010 NYFF Views from the Avant-Garde)

Janie Geiser films on Fandor

Puppet Noir by Melinda Barlow: Janie Geiser’s Evidence of Floods

Janie Geiser_The Nervous Films_at Redcat

Janie Geiser_The Secret Lives of Inanimate Objects_at the Segal Center

KCET Secret Stories

Artist to Artist: Miwa Matreyek and Janie Geiser on Collaboration, Wonder, and the Importance of Tinkering

Imitation of Life: Films by Janie Geiser (Fred Camper essay)

Toward a Feminist Coney Island of the Avant Garde: Janie Geiser Recasts the Cinema of Attractions (Essay by Melinda Barlow, AfterImage, Jan/Feb 2007)

Best of the Decade, Film Comment (#8 The Fourth Watch)

Spectacular Optical

The Red Book essay by Holly Willis for the National Film Registry

The Red Book on

The Fourth Watch (EmArts, Fred Camper)

NYTimes:Now Showing: The Edge

NY Times_Downsized:The Eerie Tale of a Man and his Monster

Downsized: An Eerie Tale of a Man and His Monster (NY Times)

Frankenstein (Mortal Toys): A Miniature Spectacle (Brooklyn Rail)

Frankenstein (Mortal Toys): Small Wonder (LA Weekly)

Evidence of Floods storyboard on jstor

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